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A re-implementation of sections, captions and tocs

The package user has section control commands that mirror the internal controls used in LaTeX. In particular, the user may express the section level explicitly in a \startsection command, rather than by name (as in \section, \subsection, etc., in LaTeX itself, defined in terms of an internal command). By using this \startsection, the user may have astounding depths of sections, which is sometimes useful in extreme typesetting applications. A \sectionstyle command controls the appearance of predefined, or user-defined sections, and \DeclareSection allows the user to create sectioning or caption commands, or to modify existing ones.

The package also extends user control of the appearance of tables of contents, etc., using a command \DeclareTOCEntry.

This package is part of the ncctools bundle.

The author is Alexander I. Rozhenko. The package is Copyright © 2002-2006 Alexander I. Rozhenko.

License: lppl Version: 1.5 Catalogued: 2016-06-18