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The GFS font collection

The Greek Font Society has made a large number of fonts publicly available, and this collection reflects those that have been adapted, by Tsolomitis and others, for use with LaTeX. The collection comprises:

  • GFS Artemisia, a relatively modern general-purpose font;
  • GFS Baskerville, based on Baskerville’s classic font;
  • GFS Bodoni, based on Bodoni’s 19th century work;
  • GFS Didot, based on Didot’s 1805 font;
  • GFS Neo-Hellenic, a version of a font developed in Britain in the early 20th century; and
  • GFS Porson, developed from the early 19th century font based on Porson’s writing.
The fonts, except Baskerville and Porson, support the Latin alphabet as well as the Greek alphabet. Neo Hellenic has been matched to the existing CM bright set of mathematics fonts.

The authors are Antonis Tsolomitis, George D. Matthiopoulos and The Greek Font Society.

License: other-free Catalogued: 2015-08-03